Conditions of Use

Digital Art Heaven Standard Terms of Use (TOU)

Please read these Terms Of Use carefully. Please also make sure you are familiar with Artist Terms!
Make sure that all of Digital Art Heaven Artist/Photographer Images/Tubes are credited correctly with artist copyright and your DAH license number.    

The following is Digital Art Heaven Standard Terms of Use (TOU).
The Artists at Digital Art Heaven have their rights to make amendments to these tous as of use of their art in creations.  This pertains to animation, colorizing, mixing with other DAH artist and text in stationery.
Please check for information about each artist in Artists Terms.

Artist/Photographer Image/Tube

1. It is forbidden to print in any form, Digital Art Heaven Images/tubes in any form.
These are for online digital use only.

2. No Digital Art Heaven Artist/Photographer Image may exceed 72 dpi (dots per inch) or ppi
(pixels per inch). It may not exceed 800 pixels on its longest  side in any creations.
 All Images/Tubes are up to 800 pixels on their longest side and you are NOT allowed to upscale it, you are allowed to downsize it.

3. No Digital Art Heaven Artist/Photographer image/tube, composition or product may be sold or bartered or used for profit or "break-even" endeavors in any way.
This includes paid sets for blogs, website sets, FB Banners, group banners etc. that require payment.
This also includes any display on web site or group that requires membership fees of any sort.
Donation buttons are accepted on websites and groups as long as it is NOT mandatory to use.

4. All creations using Digital Art Heaven Artist/Photographer images/tubes must have the following:
Artist/Photographer's full name, website, your DAH License. The information has to be clearly legible.
You may add tagged by, sig by etc on your creation but you may NOT place © symbol next to your name.

Sample of  credits:
©Artist  DAH-####  

If using DAH Photographer Image with DAH Artist tube please credit as follows:
©Artist  DAH-####  

This will be the only time you can use two © in your creation.
Please refer to Artist Terms for clarification on what artists allow the photographs used with their tubes.

5. There is no Mixing of Digital Art Heaven artists if not stated in Artist Terms, please make sure to check before you use Photographs in creations with Artists tubes. You can mix tubes from same artist in your creations.

6. Please refer to Artist Terms for any sort of Colorizing. 
Changing out parts or adding of parts is not allowed, you may add small elements to cover prohibited parts of art that is R rated is allowed for their usage in PG groups.  

7. All illegal use of Digital Art Heaven Artist/Photographer images/tubes  should be reported to 
violations @ (no spaces)

8. You may create tutorials using Digital Art Heaven Artist/Photographer images/tubes.
You have to  state on the page that persons following the tutorial must not use the same images as in the tutorial unless they have the appropriate license to do so.  
Link to Digital Art Heaven is needed and Artist name stated in Tutorial text.

9. Blank tags are NOT permitted, they have to have prominent text, like a saying, name or text like Hello and so forth. 
Headers in stationery need prominent text (saying or word art that stands out) (AfricaSunsets and GukiCreations allow blank headers in stationery). 
Side border stationery do not need prominent text on.
Avatars need to have at least initial on.
Artist copyright and your licensing info has to be on all tags.
Artist copyright and your licensing info has to be on creations in stationery and also in footer of stationery with clickable links.
Avatars, Artist copyright and license info has to be on them, you may omit the website info.

10. All sharing of images/r tube is NOT allowed.  Uploading to any sharing sites is forbidden, sharing Images/tubes or Images/tubes packs in any form is NOT allowed.

Anyone proven to break this rule will forfeit his/her license # and the usage of any purchased images/tubes.

These terms may be amended at any time. You will be informed of any major changes made to the terms or use.

Please make sure you check Artists Terms for better understanding of what each allows as of animation, colorizing etc.


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